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The only way a healthy business can move forward is when Strategy and Operations work in harmony.

To align more closely with business, IT must prepare for tomorrow today.

While the challenge of running day-to-day IT operations can make it difficult to step back and get a long view, it is important to get an objective assessment of where one is, what’s happening in the outside world, what has become obsolete and where tomorrow’s industry and IT trends are going.

The quickest solution is to consult a business technology expert who can benchmark an organisation’s current IT enviromment, compare it with industry peers, find best sourcing options and most importantly, help to create the IT transformation roadmap that will be in synch with all the downstream needs of governance, compliance and business growth.

Our IT strategy and operations service offering helps business and IT executives make and implement pragmatic decisions that increase the business value of information technology investments while improving their service delivery capabilities.

We assist our clients in developing and implementing IT strategy and service delivery models, rationalizing and managing an IT portfolio, effectively and efficiently managing service demand, and optimizing overall IT costs.

In addition, we support our clients in selecting and deploying applications, designing data and information management strategies, and optimizing infrastructure. Finally, we provide our clients independent advisory in support of IT outsourcing, sourcing, and supplier relationship management.

In the IT infrastructure management area, virtualization and cloud computing allows optimization of energy costs and management costs. Adopting software as a service (SaaS) solutions can also help reducing licensing and maintenance costs while decreasing complexity and risk of future upgrades, minimizing the impact on end users.

Bridging the gap

IT and operational staff often feel left out of the loop and so aren’t aware of the overarching business strategies, or their mind space is over-burdened with short-term demands from the top.

On the other hand, strategists feel that the IT department (including outsourcers) just doesn’t care about the needs of the business, isn’t adequately focused on critical areas like compliance and risk management, and seems often more concerned with supporting pet projects than seeing to the needs of the enterprise IT platform as a whole.

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