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Zentek turns out to be a specialist when it comes to Contingent Staffing. Our deep experience working with contingent workforce for close to a decade, a mature recruitment process in place, industry stalwarts and a team of expert recruiters with proven credentials, a heavy repository and network of the best contractors in the market covering 360 degrees of the technology spectrum, years-old relationship with them, having worked with a lot of them for multiple contracts through the years, experience in placing thousands of contracts across the industry on prevalent skills as well as the niche skills sets, makes us the expert of this game and gives us the edge over the other players on the field.
If you are looking for specialized talent, without having to bother about any risk and liabilities on one side; and access to a larger talent pool where you can cherry-pick a resource for your team in the most cost-effective way to address your short-term business needs on the other side, Contingent Staffing is what you need – Contingent workers come, do the ‘gig’ and move out. This lets you focus just on your core business and not worry about the paraphernalia hiring a resource brings with it.

This arrangement is surely a win-win for both, the company and the workers, as it allows the company to bring on skilled workers on a need basis and gives the workers the opportunity to gain experience, build and sharpen their skillset and stay abreast with the recent technology landscape.

Domain Expertise

Leverage our expertise across industries like healthcare and education to build solutions for specific challenges of these domains


Finance & BankingMonetize data assets with a digitally empowered suite of robust financial applications.


Retail & eCommerce Reimagine ecommerce and retail capabilities with portal development solutions. .


TechnologyGet blockchain, cloud, AI, metaverses, and app ecosystems that accelerate digital transformation.


Healthcare & Life science Rethinking pharma processes and patient care to transform the end-user experience.


Manufacturing and Industrial Streamlined process automaton frameworks rebuild manufacturing excellence.

Our Core Values

At Zentek We Are Guided By Our Values For All Our Stakeholders

Our Technology Stack

Faced with increasing competition, banking and financial services organizations must move quickly to meet new customer, employee

ADM Cloud Big Data SAP Network Security AI / ML Testing and Automation Web Development
Web Development Testing and Automation AI / ML Network Security SAP Big Data Cloud ADM

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