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Zentek focuses on assisting organizations in meeting full-time hiring workforce demands. We offer a large talent pool and use technology to make the employment process more efficient and cost-effective for our clients. While Zentek provides full-time hiring services and assists organizations in finding appropriate people for permanent employment through our wide talent pool and screening procedure. We also provide customized workforce solutions depending on our client’s specific needs.

Full-time hiring refers to the practice of hiring an employee to work a regular and set number of hours each week, typically around 40 hours. The benefits of full-time hiring for both the employer and the employee can include increased job stability and opportunities for career advancement, as well as access to employer-provided benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans to employees; Employers benefits from the employees as they bring scale, resilience, retain the business knowledge and business intelligence and help businesses expand and grow, they help in inducting and training the new employees, create a robust succession planning that ensures the businesses are process-driven and people-centric and businesses run smoothly if any employees chose to leave.

Additionally, full-time employees may have more opportunities for professional development and training. For the employer, full-time hiring can lead to increased productivity and consistency, as well as a more positive company culture and establish themselves as a brand and gain more success.

Industries We Explore

Use our extensive selection of industry-specific solutions to get ready for the business and technological future.


Finance & Banking

Utilize a comprehensive suite of digitally enabled financial apps to monetize data assets.


Retail & eCommerce

Utilizing web development solutions, rethink the possibilities of shopping and e-commerce.



Get the app ecosystems, blockchain, metaverse, cloud, and AI technologies that speed up digital change.


Healthcare & Life science

Revaluating pharmaceutical procedures and medical treatment to improve end-user satisfaction.


Manufacturing and Industrial 

Frameworks for automated processes that are simplified rebuild industrial greatness.

Our Core Values

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Our Technology Stack

Faced with increasing competition, organizations must move quickly to meet new market demands through dedicated IT staffing solutions in India.

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