During the time measuring website performance, there are tools like Google Analytics, so there’s a metric called a bounce rate. Therefore, it reflects the number of visitors who visit the site and then leave after viewing the page. The website’s bounce rate can correctly indicate whether your visitor’s first impression is good or bad. If your website’s bounce rate is high, you will need to make some of the changes to your website. With the help of web development services, we will explain the most common reasons why users are leaving your website. So, let’s move ahead to know about the things that you need to avoid to make your website perform better.

7 Prime Reasons You’re Experiencing a High Bounce Back Rate

Your Site Loads Slowly

Visitors will leave if your website doesn’t load in a few seconds. At this time, they will find what they are looking for elsewhere moving on to what is from their perspective a site that works. It simply means that it is harsh but the reality of how a slow-loading site can impact your business, visitors don’t just leave your site. This is the reason they will visitors go to your competitors’ sites.

Too Many Pop-ups

Pop-ups can increase conversions and drive customers away. If your site is displaying too many pop-ups and there is some site in which the pop-ups appear before the visitors has had a chance to go through the entire website. This is also one of the reasons that your users will not take an interest in your website and look for another one that provides the same services.

The Website is Not Secure

If your website is not secure then a security-conscious user will not stay at your website. It is necessary as a web development services owner, you should know that if the website URL doesn’t begin with HTTPS, this means there is no SSL certificate, which simply means that your browser communication won’t be encrypted.

Your Website Isn’t a Mobile Friendly

Nowadays most people access the web using their mobile devices. If your website is not displaying the function properly on the phone and tablets, then it is quite possible that a huge part of your target audience will leave within seconds of viewing your content. Implementing responsive design is a far more practical approach for small business owners.

Auto Plays of Audio or Video

According to a study it is considered a huge kind of turnoff to users. For this reason, audio or video that loads automatically will make your site slower. If someone visits a website and sees a buffering video, they will scoff, roll their eyes and click away to your competitor’s website. Therefore, the only people that might dislike auto-playing videos more than new visitors are your long-time customers.

Unattractive Web Design and Layout

According to the web development services, more than 65% of the users choose to stay on the visually attractive web page. Neither would they stay on the site if the content was put out haphazardly and did not display the business intent of the site correctly. As a result, you design your landing page layout that ensures they are easy to use and navigate and display all useful information in the right spots.

Homepage Lacks an Easy Access Menu

There are most website visitors like it when they have an access menu on the website’s main landing page. So, the menu includes essential key points of your business. For instance, the entire website includes the business name, tagline, products or services, contact info, and a table of key contents.

So above stated are some of the reasons that show why visitors leave your website. So, if you are also going through the same problems then you can solve these issues by working on them. Zentek Infosoft is specialized development expertise for industries, and technology professionals at various levels of an organization, and offers reliable services. Contact a professional developer right away for additional details on web development trends.